Community: An Agnostic Problem

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Community: An Agnostic Problem.

It’s a little harder to find a place to belong to when you’re neither religious nor completely against the idea of a God. I was always lost when it came to describing what I believed in.

I landed with the word “agnostic” once I realized it was a nice middle ground.

Although I have labeled myself with this word, I still don’t understand what it necessarily means. Sure, I can google the word every now and then to remind myself of the definition but I can’t really find what beliefs or morals are tied to “agnosticism.”

I would love a book with set morals to follow. A compilation of humanity’s stories telling me that “money isn’t everything” from Bill Gates describing his several donations to charities to Reshma Saujani sharing her reasons for starting a nonprofit organization, Girls Who Code. It would include tales of epiphanies when a young girl realizes her own beauty, when an old man slows down to enjoy the little things, when a parent shares moments of vulnerability with their child, or when your parents die and you finally experience being alone.

I don’t have that awesome book though.

I began to notice that I experienced my own morals through my own stories: how not to act, how to stop caring when you realize it’s too hard to think about “how not to act,” how to forgive, how to begin the process of forgiving, or how to remember to cry.

We all have our own unique stories. We all have our own morals of right and wrong because of our experiences or our upbringing. Be it written in a book or passed down through stories. I guess that’s how it starts… with stories.

Well, without my book of morals and without a community that I identify with to gather and practice these morals, I’m unable to apply or share my knowledge in everyday life to grow and learn from previous mistakes.

With this struggle, I took a chance with something called “Sunday Assembly.” Their motto is:

Live Better — Help Often — Wonder More

For people who want the freedom to shape their own stories with SA’s motto, for people who miss the community that church brought them, and for those who want to learn something new every month, join Sunday Assembly.

Now, I’ve only attended one meeting. But with the 2016 theme being “Love Yourself,” you better believe I’ll be back.


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