What is Sunday Assembly Charlotte?

Sunday Assembly Charlotte is a secular congregation that celebrates life. We bring together the best parts of church, but without a focus on religion, and with awesome pop songs played by our live band. We are radically inclusive, so no matter who you are or what you believe, you are welcome. Our goal is to help our members find and fulfill their full potential. We are here for everyone who wants to Live Better, Help Often, & Wonder More.

What can I expect from a Sunday Assembly Event?

At a Sunday Assembly Charlotte service, expect to sing along with popular, family friendly tunes, listen to some inspiring readings of poetry and prose, and watch an engaging speaker give a 10-15 minute TED-style talk about something he or she feels particularly passionate about. After the service is done, enjoy some light refreshments and make some new friends.

Awesome! What does it cost?

Well, that’s up to you, actually. We don’t charge anything to join Sunday Assembly Charlotte. There are no ticket costs and no hidden fees. That being said, as a completely volunteer-run organization, we do have operating costs such as the venue and the refreshments, so we will ask for donations to help cover our expenses. Click our PayPal Donation link above to make a donation online!

What goes on between the monthly Assemblies?

Sunday Assembly Charlotte is more than just a monthly get-together. We also host some small special interest groups (or “Smoups,” as our founders call them) that meet to socialize and participate in activities that match their interests. More information can be found on our Meetup group. If we don’t have the Smoup you’re looking for, we’d love for you to start one! Email us at info@saclt.org and we’ll help you get started!

Oh No! I can’t make this month’s event! When will you be meeting again?

Check our Meetup group for specifics, but expect that we will have an assembly on the third Sunday of each month.

I would like to speak at a future assembly. What do I need to know?

Our speakers infuse assemblies with learning and wonder. If you’re interested in giving a talk, check out these guidelines, and then contact us to learn more.

  • Be prepared to speak for 10-15 minutes on a topic in which you’re an expert
  • This is the spot in the program where we “Wonder More.”
  • Your talk should teach the assembly something factual and new in an engaging way.
  • Your talk should be practical, scientific, historical, or otherwise informative.
  • Your talk should be positive or neutral and family-friendly.
  • Personal experiences are more impactful than facts and figures. Show us your passion!
  • Your talk cannot promote a product, business or political candidate.
  • You should not explicitly mock any religious group or belief. We are radically inclusive!
  • Visual aids, like a slide show, are encouraged (submit at least 5 days before assembly)
  • Please be prepared to submit an outline, transcript or video before acceptance

The TED talk guidelines are an excellent reference for this (note: unlike TED, Sunday Assembly talks are strictly no more than 15 minutes).

The TED talk guidelines on maintaining scientific credibility are also perfectly applicable to Sunday Assembly Charlotte.

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