Interested in getting more involved in the Sunday Assembly Charlotte community?

In addition to our monthly meetings are our “Smoups” (short for “small groups”) that meet throughout the month in the Charlotte, NC area. Check our calendar or our Meetup page for specific details regarding meeting dates and times.

Besides our regular Smoups, there are special “Member Events” organized by members or hosted by other local groups. You’re sure to find something up your alley.

Here is a list of our active SMOUPs:

Life After Faith (LAF)

LAF is like a support group for people who have left religion, only without the folding chairs and cheap kool aid. (Well, there might be a few folding chairs, actually.) We know how lonely and difficult life can get when you’re deciding whether or not the religion you were raised with is right for you. LAF is a “safe place” to get to know other SACLT members and make new friends and discuss the challenges of living without religion in “The City of Churches.”

Organizer: Sam Price –

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club

Each month, Science Fiction and Fantasy fans get together and “geek out” about an awesome book.

Organizer: Paul Carlton –

Wonder More: Philosophy Discussion Group

Wonder More is a discussion group that meets twice a month to have open discussions about the things that make us who we are. If you are a deep thinker and love to ponder the wonders of our human condition, then this group is the one for you!

Organizer: Mike DeFiore –

Wine with TED

Wine with TED is a discussion group where we meet in a wine bar, grab an adult beverage, watch a video from the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference (, and talk about it. Always entertaining, always candid, and always fun!

Organizer: Richard Fortuna –